More than 30 sports organizations from different disciplines make Calella a multi-sport city, with the aim of promoting physical activity and good health for everyone.
The Sports entities are the main agents that promote sport in our city. That’s why they form one of the 3 most important vertices of the Sport City Lab and in product testing.

Calella is an excellent base for the testing of sports products, with innovative technology, before being transferred to the market. Our services are made possible thanks to the collaboration and support of local entities and companies linked to the world of sportand most importantly: we create a unique community within the sports sector in Calella.

Sports entities

Environment and sports


What do we need?

We need sports clubs, organizations, private-commercial sports centres, competitions, amateur athletes, in short, people dedicated to the world of sports who are willing to help groups of entrepreneurs who need to test their product in the hands of the athletes.

What do collaborators gain?

Our collaborators

Local sports clubs, local companies and external collaborators.

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