Test bench

Calella Sport CityLab is a test bench for products and business solutions related to sports, nutrition, health, wellness, sports services and physical activity, which must be transferred to the market, adding value to companies ’research, verification and R & D & I approval processes, taking advantage of the range of facilities, the calendar of high-level international sports competitions and local sports clubs.

We make the city, people and competitions available so that the entrepreneur or company can test their product or service with the best guarantees. We provide support from the outset, covering all the needs that the test or the tester needs in order for the test to be performed in the best possible way. Our speciality is in providing contacts between clubs, suppliers, locations and competitions. We provide the means and you, the test.

Who is it addressed to?

To entrepreneurial people who are starting up and are not incorporated as a company or user companies already incorporated.

What does it consist of

It is a tailor-made service to test a product, defined by one or more actions with a club, entity or sports association, or in a competition or sporting event. Each action has a maximum duration of two months. If the same action takes longer, an extension will have to be requested.

It also includes ...



50 / action
  • 1 action with athletes


100 / action
  • 1 action in a competition


75 / action
  • Other types of actions

Success stories

Projects developed at Calella Sport City Lab.

The Evix Company has developed a device to increase the safety of cyclists in the event of an accident.

The test with Sport City Lab was to find a profile of people who practiced cycling on a regular basis.

The Eurecat technology centre and the sportswear manufacturer HOKO collaborated to show the possibilities presented by the incorporation of sensory technology in sportswear to monitor different body parameters during the practice of sports.

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