What is Calella Sport City Lab?

Calella Sport City Lab(CSCL) is an open space for sports innovation, experimentation and entrepreneurship that brings together, connects and benefits all those public and private agents linked to sports, nutrition, health, wellness, services in Calella and its area of influence.

Field of action


Companies can install into the business space of the CSCL and in the Calella sports clubs, using the Can Saleta Sports City Lab rooms.


The CSCL aims to be a testing centrefor international sports brands that want to use the services and installations of Calella.

Calella Sport CityLab

Our values are in the quality and excellence of our installations and services, professionalism, personalized attention and teamwork.
  • Volem promoure l’aplicació i la transferència al mercat de solucions esportives i enginys, per a considerar Calella un centre certified tester d’àmbit internacional. We want to apply and transfer solutions and ideas in sportsto the market to promote Calella as an international certified testing centre.

  • Identify Calella and the Maresme as an innovative ecosystem linked to sport.

  • Initiate the Sport Urban Lab project, a platform for all those companies that work in the field of innovation in the world of sport forming part of the Smart Lab Catalonia project.

  • Consolidate the position of Calella as a venue for important sporting events.

  • Collaborate with public and private entities to promote sports and healthy habits for all ages and all levels of fitness

Our mission

To become a reference for regional sports entrepreneurship. To become a reference in sports innovation and product testing for both national and international companies. In the aim of converting Can Saletainto the home of Sports in Calella.

Our vision

To become a reference in innovation and entrepreneurship giving value to the citizens and to the sports clubs of Calella through the synergy created between companies, athletes and sports organizations.

Why Calella?

Calella is a city that has received different certifications and awardswhich guarantees its commitment to sport. Amongst those one of the most important is becoming an official Sports Tourism Destination in 2009. També ha estat reconeguda com a Destinació de Marxa Nòrdica, Destinació de Cicloturisme i Territori Triatló. It is also an official Nordic Walking Destination, a Cycling Destination and Triathlon Territory.



A personal work space, professional support, training, community, discounts and other advantages.

Product testing

Testing of sports products and services(assessment about locations, procedures, etc.)

Rental of installations

Sports installations and equipmentfor professional activities and sports tourism stays (training camps, tournaments and competitions).

Sporting events

Services for the organizers of sporting events.

The house of Sport

Meeting point and workspace for local sports clubs and associations

What are we?


Ajuntament de Calellawith the Tecno Campus Mataro Foundationand the EURECAT Foundationas partner and beneficiary entities

Technical Team

Ms. Mar Ahicart, Coordinator of the CSCL and administration personnel of the Calella City Council.


The Maresme County Council and 16 municipalities form part of the Mataro Maresme (PECT) Specialization and Territorial Competitiveness Project.

The project

The Mataro-Maresme specialization and territorial competitiveness project (PECT). The CSCL forms part of the Mataro Maresme territorial Specialization and Competitiveness Project (PECT) “Innovation T3: Textile – Tourism and sport – Urban innovation territory “. The PECT is part of the FEDER Operational Program for Catalonia 2014-2020, which is part of the RIS3CAT strategy of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union in the framework of the Operational Program FEDER of Catalonia 2014-2020 with a grant of 139,500 EUROS and by the Provincial Council of Barcelona (Diputació de Barcelona) in granting subsidies to local councils selected by the FEDER Operational Programme, 2014-2020 with a grant of 69,775 EUR.

Territorial Specialization and Competitiveness Projects (PECT) are territorial initiatives whose aim is to generate innovative economic activity through the collaboration between public and private non-profit entities located in the territory.

PECTs arise in response to the characteristics and circumstances of a territory and are articulated around a joint proposal of actions to improve its competitiveness, achieved through specialization and innovation in existing sectors of activity or in strongly emerging activities.

It is not a question of doing ‘more’ but of doing ‘better and different’, creating possibilities for growth and development based on the capacities, possibilities and the public and private agents in the territory. PECTs must necessarily be linked to the generation of innovative elements or the practical and effective application of technology in areas where their presence was previously testimonial or non-existent.

The PECT proposes long-term transformations through short-term actions on the main potentials that are located in the territory. They have a commitment to modernization and in order to have a significant and lasting impact must count on the complicity of the main agents in the area. This implies developing a sector or activity on which there is a broad and transversal consensus in reference to its role in the territory for it to be considered as a future strategic axis.

The PECTs must use Information and Communication Technologies in a clear, realistic and relevant way, taking the most innovative approach possible. The aim is for PECTs to propose activities or actions where ICTs play an effective role as a more direct means of achieving an impact in the area where they intend to work and then transmit it to the other sectors of the territory in which the project is being developed.

Calella / Maresme Sport City Lab: An urban innovation laboratory in the field of sport.

An initiative that aims to take advantage of the calendar of high-level sports competitions and international events scheduled in Calella for the municipality to become a test bed for all sports-related solutions and create an international reputation as a “certified tester”.

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